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5on Google,Nov 02, 2019


We lived there for about three years. They are very quick to respond to your request, very nice and caring. The neighborhood is quiet and nice.

5on Google,Aug 15, 2019


What a lovely place to live. Especially love the garden apartments as we are adopting a dog! We were blown away by ease of the leasing and move-in experience. All staff members went out of their way to be friendly and accommodating, and above and beyond with the customer service experience. Haley was especially wonderful and answered all questions promptly. She was honest and genuine and has made this place go from a house into a home. We moved in from an apartment in another part of town where the landlord did not communicate well and did not fix broken things or address complaints well - our new apartment at Northwoods couldn’t be farther from that in the best way possible. The maintenance team was immediately on top of the few minor wear-and-tear issues and fixed everything the next day after submitting a work request. Tyler, Brian and Clay helped us most recently with fixing the seal on our sliding glass door and did great work - everything is professional here. Would choose this neighborhood to live in again and again.

5on Google,Aug 06, 2019


My roommates and I have been here a little over a year and we absolutely love it. The office ladies are great and the maintenance staff is even better! Everyone super friendly and responsive. Even though it’s a big complex they know all of us by name and say hi even if we are just walking around the neighborhood. I would recommend this place to everyone.

5on Google,Jul 14, 2019


I have lived here for about 13 months now and I love it! Friendly staff, maintenance issues handled quickly, and neighbors agreeable.

5on Google,Jul 12, 2019


Amazing office staff and maintenance staff. Only been here for a week and they have already made it feel like home. Best apartment complex in Virginia!

5on Google,Jun 26, 2019


A great place to live. The office staff is the best and maintenance fixes any issues within a 24 hour time period.

5on Google,Jun 22, 2019


Sarah Craddock is the sweetest lady in management! Every time I’m in the office she’s there with a friendly smile and a warm SINCERE conversation! The staff here is friendly and genuinely cares about the comfort and happiness of their residents! I couldn’t be happier to have found this place! Also- the pool is in the perfect spot! Just enough shade and still enough sunshine for a tan!

5on Google,Jun 22, 2019


Haley was super sweet & answered all of my questions when I stopped by to get more information on these properties. If you have any questions or concerns she is definitely an awesome employee.

5on Google,Jun 22, 2019


The property is amazing and I loved the tour that the salesperson, Haley, gave me! It was the best place I toured all day!

5on Google,Jun 13, 2019


Amazing place with friendly staff

5on Google,Jun 12, 2019


Every time I come to North woods there so helpful and awesome and friendly. I recommend anybody and everybody to come through northwoods Sarah will greet you with open arms.

5on Google,Jun 12, 2019


Excellent Resident Support! Came home for college looking for a single apartment and didn’t know this community existed. They were so kind and helpful. The location is prime too. Highly recommended!

5on Google,Mar 10, 2019


I have lived here for two weeks. Leasing office staff is very friendly and helpful. My maintenance requests have been answered quickly. Nice community. Dog friendly and clean. My dog and I love my garden apartment. Very spacious and bright.

5on Google,Jan 31, 2019


A peaceful, quiet place to live. Ladies at the leasing office are beyond helpful, and genuinely care about your wellbeing. Maintenance men are awesome, very respectful of your privacy but also always on call to help. We've lived here for 2 years and have just signed another 15 month lease. Not to mention, the apartment is close to everything you need: gas, groceries, and only about 10 minutes from the downtown mall. Would definitely recommend this place.

5on Google,Jan 31, 2019


My boyfriend and I have lived at North Woods for 2 years already and just signed another 15 month lease. We absolutely love living at North Woods! The rent for our current place was going to increase, so we spoke with Erin in the leasing office and she showed us a different home we could transfer to that would be significantly cheaper for us, and we like it even better than our first place! It is so evident that the entire staff truly cares for the residents, and they are always ready to help with anything.

5on Google,Jan 24, 2019


We are living here for 2 years now and I have to say that we love it. The neighborhood is always calm and the maintenance team are as fast as you cant imagine. They take care of snow so fast and all other seasons there are so many flowers that makes the scene so beautiful

0on Facebook,Jan 24, 2019

Lisa Barbour

great place to live. Quiet and the staff is very friendly.

5on Google,Jan 24, 2019


Love being here!!!!

5on Google,Jan 23, 2019


The staff are absolutely incredible and professional. All of our maintenance requests were fixed right away and treated with priority. Every person who works here are so nice and remembers you by name. You feel important as a tenant and treated with respect.

5on Google,Jan 23, 2019


The leasing office and maintenance team work together to form a very efficient system. Everyone is quick to respond to any questions or concerns. The entire is staff is welcoming and friendly.

5on Google,Jan 23, 2019


Haley is the best and friendliest representative. My wife and I were trying to find an apartment in Charlottesville VA. We went to many places here looking for friendly business people to work with us. She explained everything perfect and we were very pleased with her. This is what excellence looks like. Thank you Haley!!!

5on Google,Jan 23, 2019


We moved in about six months ago and have really enjoyed it so far. Everyone in the office is incredibly helpful and has resolved any of our problems very quickly. They have also been incredibly helpful with all of the snow lately and quickly meet any service requests. The community is great for pets and is in a great location for shops, restaurants, or downtown.

4on Google,Jan 23, 2019


I've lived here for a few months and so far have been very satisfied. During the recent snow storms, I've been really impressed with how quickly they clear the sidewalks and parking lots. And the complex is very convenient to lots of shopping areas.

5on Google,Jan 23, 2019


Very friendly staff, the grounds are kept clean, and maintenance are timely and effective.